About us

Paltech is a proudly South-African valve manufacturer and supplier, based in Pomona, Kempton Park.

Our state-of-the-art CNC machinery can machine valves from 50mm to 2,5m for various end-users. Where there is an overflow of demand, we make use of our sister company for machining and refurbishment capabilities.

We specialise in providing solutions for our customers. The Paltech design team will work with you to design customised valves with high operating conditions, that can handle aggressive, toxic or abrasive media to increase your efficiencies and provide optimal flow.

In extension to our core offering, Paltech can provide valve maintenance, repairs and refurbishments. Our current local and international market reach includes the SADC region, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Australia and the Netherlands.

Our Market Position

Paltech is at the forefront of many innovations and pushed considerable boundaries in what is considered premium valve manufacturing.

As Paltech, we are always one step ahead, continuously improving and developing our product and service offerings for the local and foreign market. We have designed the country’s first locally manufactured specialty aluminium valves, available for the Pal-T and the transformer valve.

As part of our R&D drive, in 2017, Paltech developed a specialised transformer valve to resolve oil leakages. This valve is the first locally manufactured transformer valve that is now commonly used in the power generation processes.

In 2020, Paltech was the first local valve manufacturer to become officially certified for the marine industry, with both Lloyds and Bureau Veritas, With the help of the DTIC.

Furthermore, Paltech is getting geared up to be the first local manufacturer to supply the nuclear industry as we wait for our second assessment from the nuclear giant, EDF.

Our valves are well-known to be durable, well-engineered and of a high technical standard. They have proven to stand the test of time and we are proud to say that one of our Pal-T’s is still operational after 25 years.


• Dynamic Fluid Control (South Africa)
• Distributor (US – Paltech is the only licenced distributer in Southern Africa)

Other Service Offerings

• Valve spares
• Valve repairs
• Valve maintenance & refurbishments


Paltech strives to continuously improve its operations and quality remains the priority focus. We run an Integrated Management System. We are proud to confirm that we are the first South African manufacturer with the Bureau Veritas and Lloyds marine certification for our butterfly valves.


Our Quality and Safety Team are preparing to acquire the following standards and certifications:

  1. ISO 19443:2018 - Nuclear Management System
  2. ISO 3834-2 - Comprehensive Quality Requirements
  3. API Q1 – Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Manufacturing Organisations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry.
  4. ISO 17025: 2017 - Testing and Calibration Laboratories.